GDVK 2021
04 UMPRUM Prague,
Fall 2020. Petr Krejzek,
Richard Jaroš & Filip Dědic
Course overview

Working with data is not a topic, but a skill. In addition to reading, writing, curiosity and the ability to observe, it is increasingly important to see through numbers and through the schematics of the information they absorb daily. Does correlation automatically mean causality? With the transformation of the investigative media, we can see that the shocking revelations are no longer just photographs or leaks of secret documents. Publicly accessible data and the contexts hidden in them provide space for searching, understanding and presenting contexts.

Students have worked work with observation, analysis, concept creation and research. They went with us beyond the visual framework, working simultaneously as reporters and as designers. Graphic design and visual communication went hand in hand to explain the concepts and make the output interesting and accessible to the public.

Course objectives

Webdesign & programming
Nahuel Gerth
Visual Communication

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Náměstí Jana Palacha 80, 116 93 Praha 1, Czech Republic.

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